Mistra is committed to the O-defect principle and the continuous improvement of products and processes. It is our goal to achieve customer satisfaction through excellent quality and reliability of all products. We apply multi-level quality control (including product and process monitoring and in-house laboratory) to detect and prevent quality problems and ensure premium quality to our customer.
Mistra’s quality system is certified according to the automotive standard IATF 16949. We also hold several accreditations from our customers, e.g. Ford Q1 and Volkswagen A-Rating, also Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award and Adient Supplier Performance Award.

General Purchasing Terms and Conditions (PDF)


Mistra’s production and process development is set up in an environmentally responsible manner. We aim at minimizing the environmental impact of our activities through efficient use of materials and optimization of processes, while maintaining the quality and reliability of our products.
Mistra’s environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001 requirements.

Material Lab

Mistra’s in-house laboratory is specialised in automotive carpet and part testing and contains a wide range of equipment, including 3D measuring machine Carl Zeiss Accura and Climate test chamber.

Full list of tests

Laboratory is not accredited.

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