Technical felts

Mistra is also well-known in the semi-finished products’ industry.
We produce a wide range of semi-finished products, like needle punch backings for different tufted carpets, surface layers for running mats, needle punch felts for footwear industry, loudspeaker upholstery etc.

Material Specifications

Martell (PDF)
Racco (PDF)
Dilux 8962 1,40 (PDF)
Dilux 721 1,45 (PDF)
Dilux 721 1,70 (PDF)
AF1 JamesH 1.50 (PDF)
Needlefelt 270 2mm grey 1.00 (PDF)
Needlefelt 270 3mm grey 1.01 (PDF)
Needlefelt 270 WEL 3mm white 1.04 (PDF)
Needlefelt 270 WEL 3mm white 1.04 (PDF)

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