The company was founded in 1986, with the purpose of producing non-woven carpets for the Soviet automotive industry. Up to the year 1999, the firm supplied the entire interior and luggage compartment carpets to the main automotive factories in Russia, like Lada (Togliatti), Moskvitch (Moscow) and GAZ (Nizhny Novgorod).

Since 1993, Mistra-Autex has been a private enterprise.
In 1999, the company bought and installed tufting machines and since then has been producing carpets and moulded carpet products for the most automotive first tier suppliers in the EU and the UK.

In 2000, we developed our know how in moulding processes and bought low moulding and standard injection machines. After a few years, we started to assemble load floors and seat backs.
In 2005, the management team bought out the company from private investors.

At the beginning of the 90s, the company employed about 130 people and the turnover was 5 million Euros. Today, the number of employees is 295, with a turnover of 27 million Euros.

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