Know How & Technology

Our experienced employees, technological know how and world class technical capabilities enable us to offer our customers full service that includes high-level design, engineering and production.

Among our skills are the design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and assembly of different systems for passenger cars, trucks and industrial vehicles. We develop solutions for interiors and baggage space as well as exteriors. In addition to the automotive industry, we develop and produce materials and systems for the furniture industry.

In our development branch we use:

CATIA V5 for designing and engineering
CALYPSO 5,0 for measuring and analyzing
Our data exhange possibilities include HyperKVS and OFTP/EDI ENGDAT.

Our in-house laboratory is specialised in automotive carpet and part testing which requires a wide range of equipment, including 3D measuring machine Carl Zeiss Accura II , Climate test chamber and Spectrophotometer CM2600d.

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